Spain is a nation next to Portugal who's main football league is La Liga. They won the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. They also won UEFA Euro 2008 and have many famous teams including FC Barcelona and Real Madrid just to name a few.


2010 FIFA World Cup: Soccer City,South Africa: Beat the Netherlands 1-0 in Extra Time

2009 FIFA Confederations Cup: Royal Bafokeng Stadium, South Africa: beat South Africa 3-2 in Extra Time to finish third.

UEFA Euro 2008: Ernst Happel Stadion, Austria: Beat Germany 1-0

Football at the 2000 Olympic Games: Olympic Stadium, Sydney, Australia: Drew 2-2 with Cameroon during Extra Time and lost 5-3 on Penalties to win the silver medal.

Football at the 1992 Olympic Games: Camp Nou, Spain: Beat Poland 3-2.

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